Thursday, July 28, 2011

Email Marketing: Metrics and Measures-III

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percent of emails returned from the recipient’s ISP. There are two type of bounces:
Hard bounce: An email is returned because of a permanent condition like an invalid email address.
Soft bounce: An email is returned because of a temporary condition like the recipient’s in-box is full or a server is down

Calculation Method:

Total number of bounces/Total number of emails sent

Average Bounce Rates:

1.For a regularly mailed list expect between .2% .5%
2.For a less frequently mailed list expect between 5%-7%
3.First time mailing lists can be as high as 20%-30%

Tips to lower the Bounce Rate:

1.Mail regularly to keep list clean and stay in your recipients mind
2.Provide value in your emails that will be missed if email address changes
3.Mail a postcard or call a recipient to let them know their email bounced and how they can provide a new one


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