Sunday, March 27, 2011

Social Media Benefits Comes With “Handle with Care” tag!

Why have social media networks grown so explosively? Unlike the telephone or Internet which began as business communication tools, they were designed for social interaction. They’re the closest thing we have to face-to-face human contact. And they’re as organic as two or three friends meeting at a coffee shop.

Witnessing (wide-eyed, no doubt) the impact social media networking was having on consumer behavior, it didn’t take long before industry and other sectors co-opted it for professional purposes. Smart organizations are seeing the benefits: what better way to establish, retain and grow brand reputation and loyalty than to engage directly with existing and new audiences? Better still, what better way to build customers and audiences than to have them doing your marketing for you? Viral marketing is always the most powerful way to get bottom line results – and the cheapest. If the average Facebook user is connected to 130 friends, and that user mentions your product or service favorably, how much more viral can communication get?

Of course for every benefit, there’s a potential drawback. If that same Facebook user has a bad experience with your product or service and warns their friends about it, your brand can quickly take a beating. Social media networking is a double-edged sword, for sure. But ignoring it is not an option, nor is using it without a plan.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Protect Your Child from Cyber Crime!




Norton Online Family

Parents know exactly what information their kids are looking at on the web. This free tool offers the capability to monitor how your child is presenting him or herself in profile pictures and whether they are over confiding on the site. You can even set a time window for access.

Free, Family Premier-$29.99/year

Piggy Back

The service is certainly rooted in monitoring your child’s online gaming activity, but it does also serve as a way to monitor all online activity, including Facebook.


Safety Web

The product gives you detailed reports and statistics about what information about your kids shows up publicly online, specific areas children frequent most, plus notifications of any potential risks surrounding the young ones’ activities.

$9-$10/month, 1 year plan available for $100

Screen Retriever

Offers the opportunity to watch recorded footage throughout the day and evening. This ensures your kids were not on Facebook at times when they were supposed to be doing other activities, such as homework or even sleeping. You can also create a list of approved sites for them to visit, and block others.

Current Special: Annual Home License-$9.99. Regularly priced at $49

Social Shield

The cloud-based tool quickly allows you to take action on questionable activity immediately as it arises, from using profanity to posting inappropriate pictures.

$10/month, $8/month if paying annually

True Care

Promises to keep your children safe, using some of the same features that the other software in this article have, plus a few notable new additions. You can investigate your child’s friend list to see whether any seem inappropriate, keep track of profile content and all posted pictures of your kids, plus receive alerts for questionable content.


You Diligence

The product includes many of the features in the other applications described in this article, including notifications, access to information about friends, and monitoring across both computer and mobile services.

$9.99/month per child, $14.99 for all immediate family