Monday, November 28, 2011

Prioritizing tasks is an absolute must for SEO!

By Vinaytosh Mishra

Some people prefer working early in morning while some like burning mid night oil. When are you the most productive during the day? Instead of trying to swim against tide try to flow freely with time .Getting into a verbal argument with clock is certainly not a good idea.

I personally hate driving and consider myself more than a driver (no offense to auto geeks).And spend time during travel in thinking about the posts and planning other things. I note down the points on gazettes or simply on a piece of paper. This exercise saves a lot of time of mine.  
I make it a priority to get the articles completed before going to bed. Prioritizing tasks is an absolute must. 

Prioritizing SEO Tasks:


Now that we have identified our most productive time during the day the next step is to prioritize our tasks. First create a list of everything that needs to be completed; you can do this on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. What tasks need to be completed and what amount of time and effort will be needed in order to satisfy the requirements? After prioritizing each task you need to fit it into your schedule. 

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