Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To PPC or not to PPC :That is the Question?

A startup should always use PPC campaigns for the first six months of their product launch but approach always depends on their pocket.

The new website always faces a big hurdle of Google Sandbox and struggles to get more leads through organic SEO. If you are not using right mix of inorganic and organic search engine marketing then you are losing on time and there is opportunity cost associated with that.

Big players generally have deep pocket and they allot the budget to different methods being used but startups have limited resources available. Following are thumb rule for a startup PPC campaign:
·         Avoid head on collision with these players
·         Target long tail keywords which are closely matched to line of business (Quality Score and completion will be less hence the cost per click)
·         Create specific landing pages for campaign ( you can provide more CTA ,website Bounce Rate will also not increase)

You are not facing challenge of consuming/utilizing the allotted budget .The available budget will any how exhaust hence try to maximize the number of visit on your website.