Thursday, July 28, 2011

Email Marketing: Metrics and Measures-II

Click Through Rate:

The click-through rate (CTR) is the percent of unique recipients who click on one or more links in your email.

Calculation Method:

Total number of clicks on a link/Total number of emails sent

Average Click through Rates:

1.Prospect Mailings are from 1% - 3%
2.B2B clicks average around 7%
3.B2C clicks average around 6%
4.Non-Profit clicks average around 4%

Tips for Better CTR:

1.Include lots of links for your recipients to click
2.Keep important copy near the top and in the preview sheet
3. Use a call-to-action button to encourage clicks
4. Provide Link for images
5.Use targeted segments of your list for better response
6.Test what your recipients will click on
7.Keep the “From Label” consistent and use Company Name or who your recipients expect to hear from


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