Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to tweet effectively and efficiently?

Your tweets can be divided in three major and equal parts. One third of the time you should tweet about you and/or your brand. One third of the posts should be about your areas of interest and expertise, but using material from an outside source: The last one third of the time on twitter is for being yourself: Interact, ask questions, answer questions, re-tweet or re-post interesting things people in your network have shared.

Once you have mastered “what to tweet” next step is finding out “how to tweet”. If “what to tweet" is being effective the later part of this post will make your twitter marketing efficient.

How to use those 140 characters most efficiently?

  • Don't Multi-ReTweet: you need not to give credit to every person who have re-tweeted the original post.
  • Drop Vowels: make attention as atntn
  • Contractions:  "It is" becomes "it's" and "can not" becomes "can't."
  • No More "And"s: "And" become "+".
  • Use Other Characters:  use "#" for "number" and "%" for "percent".
  • Drop Pronouns: One of the easiest to lose is "that." So "the movie that I luv" becomes "the movie I luv".
  • Turn Words into Numbers: "To" becomes "2" and "One" becomes "1".
  • Shorten Links: visit the URL shortenersite and then use bit.ly or another service to resqueeze the URL.
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