Monday, October 3, 2011

What Google+ Business Profiles is going to be?

Does anyone know what Google+ Business Profiles is going to be? Currently only the Beta testers and Google are aware of what that is; however there has been some speculation as to the likely outcomes. Considering the clout of Google’s Search engine it is very much predictable that Google Business Profile will be of immense importance for small businesses. Google may assign good weightage to Google+ business profiles in their search engine ranking. Although people have started writing off the Google+, I still have some hope that it will get a major boost with launch of business profile page.

While that is not a detailed breakdown of what the profiles will look like, or the precise functionality, there are a number of hints to the goal that Google has in mind for Business Profiles.

1.   Brand-Consumer Communication: Google has always had the interest in providing information to the world. The relative transparency is one of the many aspects of Google the not only fan boys, but the general public have appreciated. By encouraging businesses to have the simplistic communication channel through a Business Profile, they are encouraging the same information transparency. It may not seem like much, but the goals are reached one step at a time.

2.       Targeted Search Ads: While Facebook makes overwhelming amounts of money from its personalized ad targeting, Google essentially invented targeted web advertising. The analytics engines and ad engines are in place to offer a competitive compliment or alternative to Facebook ad budgets. Google’s true power over Facebook, in regards to ads, is the search memory that it can apply to ads. Facebook is only able to target individuals based on their submitted interests. Google will be able to harness what they searched for as well.

3.   Optimized Google Application Integration: While not all products launched from Google have been successes (Google Wave, Catalogs, Video), others have by overwhelming margins. The cloud nature of Google Docs or the ease of function and navigation of Google Maps have made the search giant much more than a search giant. Google can provide these integrations into Business Profiles so that users can easily get information from business profiles.

Reference: This blog post is written by Vinaytosh Mishra for a leading Social Media Marketing Product Development Company from Bangalore, India. 


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