Monday, October 3, 2011

SlideShare Media Creation Tips!

If you want to search/share serious content around a subject SlideShare is the best place to be. Professionals from many niches upload their content, while other viewers consume the content either landing directly on website or through search engines.

Features of SlideShare:

 1.       Members can have their content uploaded to the site and embed their own personal website or blog
 2.       Content can also be shared privately
 3.    Can be used as an effective marketing tool in helping to promote or advertise an event
 4.SlideShare openly promotes users getting together to create their own groups so that they can interact with people who share the same niche interest as them.

Advantages of SlideShare Coverage:

1.       The single most important aspect and advantage of utilizing SlideShare is that every piece of media uploaded to the site can be viewed by their over 70 million viewers per month.
2.       Users can niche network by creating or joining existing groups. This can help increase contacts, and therefore opportunities.
3.       While being a part of a group can have many networking and marketing benefits, SlideShare user groups can also collectively modify and even enhance current online content.

SlideShare Media Creation Tips:

1.       Go Visual: Use a lot more visual markers and easy to understand symbolism as opposed to more text. Plain and simple, human beings prefer to be visually engaged if the other option is mounds of jumbled text.
2.       Keep it Short: Try to get to the point of your content quickly. Rambling discourse and biased opinions are unlikely to garner increasing views or ‘word of mouth’ consumers.
3.       Precision Tagging: At the end of each upload users are given the opportunity to choose their content descriptions as well as adding their tags, or keywords. Use keyword tools such as Google’s keyword tool to find the best keywords to describe your content or product.
4.       Call to Action: If your content is one of your marketing tools you will definitely want to supply a ‘call-to-action’ at the end of each presentation. A link to click or short advertisement for your product is sufficient and over promotion may have negative impact. 

References: This blog post  was written by Vinaytosh Mishra for .The blog contains experts from,, and 


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