Friday, April 29, 2011

Managing Separate Blogs!

I own two blogs, one each for professional and personal blogging. The target audience for both blogs is entirely different. My poem blog is on free domain and support Hindi fonts while my professional blog is more professional in look.

When running multiple blogs, it’s important to have a clear separation from one blog to the next. Each blog should have a clear focus. Otherwise, how will you know which blog should contain a certain type of post?

If you have several multi-topic blogs, you may find that some of them get neglected, or they suffer from poor quality content as you post on them just to keep them somewhat up to date.

There’s very little reason to set up multiple blogs if you don’t have different things to say on each one.

At Digital Musketeers we spend a lot of time in researching our clients need and maintain recency as well as frequency in our blog posts.