Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Career Chit Chat for Digital Marketers

  1. Be a Marketer:Gone are the days when digital initiatives was considered to be a part of IT team. Once the spend increases you would be required to link it with business objectives. I would suggest you to learn basics of marketing,a B-School degree or certification from an institute of repute would certainly going to help you in your career.
  1. Know the Jargons:I have seen many digital marketer's career stagnating because of scarcity of right words and right sentences to explain their work. It becomes more important when you are in a leadership position or running your own business. Keep yourself abreast with industry jargons like CTR,Server Laod etc.
  1. Online Presence Management:Participate in right forum .Be present in right forum and create buzz at right time.
  1. Jack of All but Master of Some:If you are eying digital consulting as a career you should project yourself as solution provider. B logging on complex and technical issue in Digital marketing is a good idea. For more information check my blog: www.vinaytosh.com
  1. Attend Industry Meet ups and Conferences:You get real contact and business after meeting real& like minded people.
  1. Keep a Pulse on the News:Keep your self update with industry and marketing news. It will help you in managing different products and campaigns.
  1. Get Technical:You have to handle technical guys like designer and back end developers. In order to understand their language and problem ,you should have at least superficial knowledge of web 2.0 technologies.
  1. Perfect Your Resume: Perfect your professional presence at Linked In and other important forums.
  1. Let Curiosity and Passion Drive You:Always be receptive and early adopter of changes coming towards you. It will help you in differentiating yourself in crowd. I will name it as "Creating Blue Ocean" for your career.
  1. Living with Internet:More time you spend on INTERNET, more you will be aware of trends and patterns. Reports can never replace observations,MIND IT.


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