Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 Step Strategy for Generating Traffic Using Web Content

Web 2.0 is all about content .According to leading internet marketing company Hubspot,” Every company is in publishing business” .We create content so that our prospects can reach us in search of that. The search may be initiated through search engine or social networking channels. In coming days, people will use twitter search to find out more information about celebrities and professionals and Google has acknowledged it, by incorporating “real time search” in its search results.
“How to use the content to drive a prospect to your landing page?” is a million dollar question now. Most of the people use social media for comparing the products and information and all this falls under first two stage of AIDA model only.
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The content on landing page should be so engaging that client feel like coming again and again. It will help the advertiser in improving their ROI on traffic acquisition. If a prospect comes through referral of a friend there is a chance that he move to next level in AIDA model easily.
 I propose five step models for efficient utilization of content to generate traffic for website. But gain the aim of business is not to generate traffic only .There should be sufficient “call to action” on website so that it can generate some leads for sales team.

 Fig1:Five Step Strategy 

Since the leads generated through this exercise are inbound in nature there is more probability of getting them converted.


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